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Vox Phantom
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Re: Beauty/Dogma
May 02, 2000, 14:58

Do you not know what to say because you don't know what you are, or is it because you don't know what it's called? Is there some reason why "don't have one" is unacceptable? I realise that many people, especially those in organised religions, can't understand anyone following any other path, and will pester you for a name - but the fact is they won't understand your answer unless its "Christian," "Islam," "Jewish," "Buddhist," etc. Me, I'm not theist, but most people asking me that question don't want to hear anything but what team I'm playing for. As far as the wedding issue, I understand the outside pressure, but I'm certain that - as it's your wedding, after all - it can be whatever you want. Presumably you'll be marrying someone who shares most of your worldview. I suppose the in-laws may dissaprove, but you may as well get the cards on the table. My feeling is that it would be disrespectful to have a wedding in a church you don't support or attend, and a misrepresentation of your self. You are, to a certain extent, what you are perceived as. Have you read "Repossessed" yet? There's a nice section on Julian having to sort out the wedding issue.
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