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Re: Beauty/Dogma
May 01, 2000, 10:42
Hmm...interesting disscussion.
To stick in my tupenny's worth, I would always prefer never to give my personal beliefs and way of life a label or a name, be it Paganism or whatever.
As far as I'm concerned, whenever you start chucking people together under a big banner of having a particular "religeous persuation", you instantly have an "organised religeon", which can never totally reflect the varying individual beliefs of everyone involved.
We, as humans, are beautiful because of our uniqueness and individuality. This is the fundamental problem with any organised religeon - it always involves a minority of people twisting things around to gain power for themselves, and to go around telling everone else what is right and what is wrong.
We are all BOUND to have different beliefs and attitudes. We do not need to follow anyone in particular, and we do not need to be preached to by anyone other than our own hearts and minds.

love markybov.
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