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Buzzard of Morfe
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Nov 22, 2000, 14:22
Drudes, as you may or may not know, I've been piling my resources into a UK/International project concerned wholy with re-education, sustainable technology and the celebration of art .

This site is one of the only (if not THE only) places I have found that encompasses all of these principles, and you guys are amongst the most entertaining and erudite Mofos I have had the fortune to meet (populism aside!). I have no time for flying saucers, very little time for top tens, probably no time for album reviewing, and no knowledge of back catalogues, yet there is still enough stuff on here to give me hope and encouragement.

That said, I am (deep breath and shit-flying) off to set up Morfe (Ministry of Regenerative Further Education) so I shan't be around as much. I would LOVE anyone to send me mail regarding Sustainable Technology/Architecture, Environmental Awareness (not pressure) Groups, Links to forward thinking educationalist sites (Goethe, Steiner, Waldorf, hey, even RAWilson quotes! The focus here is cosmo-positive, so any information regarding grants and/or investors would likewise be effectively collated. J.K.N has kindly offered her Environmental Sciemce and business Management degree knowledge to channel my sometimes gabbling energies into a more cogent structure! Thanks J! I have roughly fifteen dotcom names (including Jukebox1.com, and popmusique.com) up for auction in order to raise cash for the venture, likewise any of you business-heads out there got any pointers! The action is up in about 70 days at Names123.com, so I must try and branch out after that.

I could go on, but I already have.

Keep it Copernican (no-one spotted that one eh!) I'm off to Morfe the UK! and battle the cynical, populist propagandist wasteocracy! TTFN

oh: morfe@morfe.com will get me.

likewise, any specific links or info, please address as per subject, i.e wavepower@morfe.com.

Bee Blessed X

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