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The danger of horses
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Edited Aug 05, 2017, 16:04
The danger of horses
Aug 05, 2017, 12:05
We've often mentioned the dangers that cows present when crossing fields to reach sites of interest, but not too often horses/ponies, unless trekking across moorland that is.

Well yesterday, an elderly family friend and past stonehead moor tramper with me who now gets about slowly with the assistance of two sticks, was taking her new puppy out for it's first walk. She chose a well-used local field with a public footpath through it and the puppy was kept on the lead. No stock have been put in the field for years that's why it is used by the local dog walkers.

Well I was informed this morning that midway across the field she was attacked by two horses that knocked her to the ground and according to a witness was then purposely trampled all over and stamped with their front hooves.

The bottom line is that one of her arms has been severely damaged (shredded was the term used) and has other multiple injuries, all requiring surgery until 3am this morning in the main Exeter hospital.

This poor lady lives alone, has no family and only just recovered from her second knee replacement. She walks with such a stoop that she is constantly gazing at the ground. She had no chance!

The irony is that she spent the whole of her working life as a herdswoman/shepherdess/stable hand with a great understanding of all stock - but they got her in the end it would seem!

She wasn't able to escape like most of us probably would have done but please do take extra care when crossing fields whether you feel safe or not.

I'll report back when I find out more.

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