Disarm DSEi, Europe's biggest arms fair

5th August 2009ce

Disarm DSEi, Europe's biggest arms fair

Every two years a big chunk of public money is spent subsidising DSEi, Europe's largest arms fair.

Held in London, it allows arms manufacturers to tout their wares to a range of regimes, many with very dubious human rights records.

And every time, the fair is met with protests and direct action to stop delegates from attending. Roads get occupied, trains have people scramble up on the roofs, and some resourceful souls get inside the exhibition and trash or occupy stalls.

This time there is to be a concerted effort to obstruct exhibitors as they try to get their weapons to the fair in the first week of September. The police operation at the fair will be large, but with over a thousand exhibitors there will be a wealth of low-security targets. And as they're spread around the country and beyond, it means you can take action near where you are at the time of your choosing instead of having to get to London.

There has been a callout for a concerted effort to take action against these companies. There is a list of exhibitors here

Our country is awash in arms manufacturers. The shackles round the ankles of prisoners in Guantanamo Bay are made in the West Midlands. When we are at liberty, we have a duty to defend those who are not. When we see crimes being planned, we have a duty to stop them. It's happening near you, and you can simply walk out there and lock yourself to their gates.

As well as obstructions around the country, there will be an action in the City of London on the day DSEi opens, 8th September. Exact details have yet to be announced. Keep an eye on the Disarm DSEi site for more info