Crude Awakening – anti-oil action, London 16 Oct

1st September 2010ce

Crude Awakening – anti-oil action, London 16 Oct

Climate activism in the UK has targeted coal, aviation, the nuclear industry, carbon offsetters and more. For too long, oil has been given an easy ride.

With the new deepwater drilling promising to take us faster toward climate disaster, and trash wild areas in the process, it's time to step up.

In recent weeks, Greenpeace activists have stopped deepwater drillers in the Atlantic. Activists have taken inspired action at the institutions that BP sponsor to greenwash their real business.

On Saturday 16th October 2010, ten oil industry institutions in London will be targetted. Details are not being released until the day, in the hope this will prevent police pulling the rug from under us. This is not a march, or a camp, it is direct action. If you can be in London that day, and think governments can't be trusted to take proper action on climate change, it's the place for you.

It is supported by Plane Stupid, Climate Camp, Rising Tide and others.

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