No Cuts massive demo, London, 26 March

9th February 2011ce

No Cuts massive demo, London, 26 March

The Trades Union Congress has called for a massive demonstration in London against the Con-Dem government's cuts, and for the alternative.

Supported by the Coalition of Resistance, it promises to be huge, and the springboard for active mass resistance to the cuts doctrine.

The student protests last year forced the first cracks in the Con-Dem strength, and the demo on 26 March could be the springboard for active mass opposition to kick in. They are not going to give up easily, and every day they stay in office we see more wilful damage to the services we depend on, and more power moving to the super-rich.

It's time to get out and be heard and turn the enormous anger in the country into real momentum for change.

Those wanting to offer or find transport can check the map here

More info at March for The Alternative

Facebook event here

And as the student marches have shown, you don't need to be a rabid threat to public safety to get kettled. Help keep the kettles at bay and keep yourself at liberty by getting Sukey on your smartphone.