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when your favourites make you wince!
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Re: when your favourites make you wince!
Apr 14, 2007, 06:31
Spaceship mark wrote:
I do beleive that rock n roll, being the evolution of the blues, is modern folk music in the social as opposed to stylistic sense.

Are you sure about stylistic sense? If you listen to a lot of the 50s stuff it is audibly electrified versions of recognisably folk material. I'd say the folk element is very firmly in the DNA of rock & pop music only obscured by both of those forms now having a tradition that's older than the listener. Blues itself is a pretty wide area that's basically a marketing term for a certain period of black music. A lot of which is actually very much folk music by any other definition.
Another interesting strand is the adoption of stage music into the folk field. If you trace back a lot of songs from the folk canon you'll find that they werte at some point specificaly written for particular theatrrical performances.

Spaceship mark wrote:

. Eminem is no different to Nick Cave. Who is a folk artist.

(....runs for cover...)

Yeah I've wondered how many people will have come to listening to traditional music after listening to Cave. He was one of my influences in going back to check stuff out alongside Dylan and Jeffrey Lee Pierce and a few others. I found a book about twenty years back detailing the traditional/blues etc influences on Dylan. Wonder if you can still get it?
Np the external fan on ther puter, must put some music on
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