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when your favourites make you wince!
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Pursued By Trees
Pursued By Trees
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Re: when your favourites make you wince!
Apr 13, 2007, 09:08
I can forgive most of my favourites a great deal ... even the Cocteau Twins 'Frosty The Snowman' didn't bother me too much ...

... and being into mostly defunct bands this doesn't happen a lot ...

... although of the few ongoing ones that I do seriously follow, I was hugely upset by His Name Is Alive's 'Someday My Blues Will Cover The Earth' and 'Last Night' albums.

After 5 very inventive and varied albums that just got better and better they turned out these 2 R&B-ish (and not in the good '60's sense) shockers, even reworking one of their classic tunes 'Are We Still Married?' in this manner.

Happily last years 'Detrola' seems to be more of a return to form, although their website currently advises of an impending new outing threatening:

"Its a new kinda thing and we guarantee you will have a freak out when you hear it!!!"


"Mixing is not completely finished but we can tell you this much: it does feature a lot of homemade electric thumb pianos!!!"
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