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ELP Review!
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Jim Tones
Jim Tones
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Jul 09, 2004, 22:39
Firstly, I'd like to say that these posts you have put up have made me laugh my heart out and I'm now typing with a grin like jack nicholson as the joker !!
Secondly, all this crazed ELP chat, 'for' or 'against' OR, more accurately, a combination of both (!?)- can be put down to the 'older brother or schoolmate' syndrome at a time when we were all searching for THAT *zing* to come along and set us free from frustration!
Thirdly, it was indeed 'punk' and 'post -punk' that provided that *zing*...
In 1974/75, I felt equally as disillusioned with not being able to play guitar like Allan Holdsworth (his playing on Soft Machine's 'Bundles' album- like hot shit off a shovel bub!) AND not having Holger Czuckay's knowledge of tape machines- where I thought I'd have to try and pass exams (dope and cider came first) and study under some uber-boffin like a local Stockhausen- (hard to find in n.e.wales I can tell you!).
So after cutting my long Michael Karoli style locks off and getting my mam to take in my flares, I too abandoned my Prog Cache, though like many, the krautrock mysteriously remained.
Strangely, by the time of the early 1990s, memories of all things Prog kept chipping away at my small little mind- was it nostalgia? Did all those people involved with 'punk + post/punk' REALLY come from another planet ?

In the (e)N(e)ME(y)'s 'Blackmail Corner' articles (circa 1978) whereby they 'exposed' certain hip priests' previous infatuations like Mark Perry's letter to said music paper (circa 1972)- praising ELP as the best band on the planet- it just didn't add up ??

Although this following link to a Mark P interview, doesn't mention ELP, I think he hits the nail on the head with a few of his wonderful words.....


All we need now is a '24 Hours of Gryphon' Box Set, complete with the entire 'Midnight Mushrumps' sessions...
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