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ELP Review!
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ELP sampledelia
Jul 10, 2004, 19:14
Like Jimmy Tones I had a strange fascination with ELP. I hated them for years without ever hearing anything other than fanfare for the common man. I actually liked that track as an 8 year old but as I grew up post-punk attitudes set in.

I will give ELP some kind of respect as I have sampled them on a couple of different occaisons, so I owe them some credit. ELP records are actually really good for sampling as in amongst 20 minutes of a dodgy music there is tiny bits of really good music or sounds. I don't know why they didn't use these good bits as the building blocks for better music. Maybe they couldn't recognise a good idea when they had it and would then change the music right after that 8 second good bit and not recognise when they had a bad ideas which followed or preceded it.

ELP are an excellent band to develop a morbid curiosty with as not only is admitting to liking them deemed socially unacceptable in many circles but you can pick up all there records for about a pound each down a bootsale or low quality second-hand shop. You can develop a good love/hate realationship with ELP as their records are not quite good enough and are annoying but there is something strangely compelling about them.

Dog is right to rate Tarkus highly. I don't quite like it many times I listen to it but I have listened to it a number of times and will listen to it many more. Even the concept of a mechanised armadillo fighting a giant lion with a scorpion tail is worthy of some kind of recognition. Even just unintentional piss-taking or hilarity, and yes it is the mother of all concept LPs.

So thanks Greg, Keith and Carl for the samples anyway and also for achieving uniqueness (which is something many less maligned bands fail to do).
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