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JOHN LYDON on 'I'm a celeb......'
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Lord Lucan
Lord Lucan
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prog & punk
Jan 28, 2004, 10:43
Prog and punk aren't mutually exclusive and simplistic purists, as usual, have got it wrong. The Banshees, The Buzzcocks and The Pistols (well, at least Lydon) were Can fans. The Stooges were idolised by punks, yet you get 'We Will Fall' on their first album which drips with hippyness. And then there's Patti Smith who was called punk, but sounds much more prog to my ears. And then there are people around now like Sonic Youth and The Boredoms who mix the two together.

I suppose it was useful for the press and the tribal minded to have an enemy and Yes etc were ripe for it, but there's a hell of a lot of grey areas and anyone being totally factional is on pretty shaky ground really.
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