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JOHN LYDON on 'I'm a celeb......'
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Moon Cat
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Re: Actually...
Jan 27, 2004, 22:57
Actually I can recall Rick Wakemen being interviewed on some TV thing about prog rock saying that he thought that punk was ultimately good for prog; cos it had got so far up it's own arse that it needed deflating, so he was probably a little more sympathetic than you would imagine.

I can't believe there still has to be this either/or thing with punk and prog with some people. I like some of both, and also think a lot of both is utter shite on the rocks. One thing that used to really piss me off with punk and it's more bolshy devotees is that in order to be a 'proper' punk, you could only listen to music that other punks defined as punk - anything else was 'selling out'. Well, soz but that's as blinkered and elitist as any other scene mentallity and belongs in the garbage can as far as I'm concerned.
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