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JOHN LYDON on 'I'm a celeb......'
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Riddley Walker
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Re: JOHN LYDON on 'I'm a celeb......'
Jan 27, 2004, 21:14
Maybe dignity is the wrong word. I realise he doesn't care what anyone thinks of him (including his fans) but...

Why the hell is he doing it? Can anyone honestly say this is a wise move? By doing the show hes living up to his popular stereotype thats existed ever since the Bill Grundy incident- lets face it most people only know him vaguely from the Sex Pistols and a few so-called "notorious" TV appearances. "Lets get that old punk in he'll stir things up a bit" hes becoming a charicature of himself!

I still stand by what I said, these kind of programmes soil everyone involved in them, its like rolling around in cultural dog shit for a few quid. And the fact that the usual types to participate are talentless bimbos who or has-beens hoping to claw their way back from oblivion only makes matters worse.
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