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JOHN LYDON on 'I'm a celeb......'
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Popel Vooje
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Re: Actually...
Jan 28, 2004, 14:03
I have an amusing little anecdote from my teenage years which might tickle yr old laughter organs here...

Myself and my mate Ben once walked into Bonaparte Records (at the time, Guildford's one independent record shop, which no longer exists), and who should be standing at the counter chatting to the staff but JP himself. Feigning complete ignorance of who he was, we went over to the "Punk / New Wave" section and started pulling out old Sham 69 records, saying "Do you remember Sham 69? Blimey, they were shite, weren't they? The arse end of punk, or what?" After about a minute and a half of this humiliation, Pursey turned a highly visible shade of beetroot and left the shop. Victory was ours that day!

Overall, though, I agree with LL and others' assertion that prog and punk are not mutually exclusive. Even parts of Gong's "Camembert Electrique" sound quite proto-punk to me, and they're often held up as an example of the archetypal hippy spume punk was supposed to get rid of (not that I'm much of a Gong fan myself, other than that album). And much of Hawkwind's early stuff sounds particularly brutal and minimal in an obviously pre-punk stylee - if they'd just cut their hair, halved the length of their longer tracks and ditched the dippy science fiction lyrics they'd have been a punk band.
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