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Edited Dec 18, 2019, 18:37
Re: From Twitter
Dec 18, 2019, 15:19
I suppose in a parallel world I could construct a fantasy based purely on Chinese Astrology and a dim appreciation of quantum physics (does the mind operate on a quantum level? What about mitochondria and other non-brain electrical impulses? Does the electrical activity of the brain create quantum weirdness in a sea of neurotransmitters?) and pretend I am Dominic Cummings' non-evil twin!

To wit, despite my being Year Of The Snake all three of the triumvirate of spouse, brother and bezzie mate are all Year Of The Pig - a disposition regarded as not ideal one would think, if not for the concepts of nurture and Western Astrology.

Or Dominic Cummings' gnarly downdressing and tongue-in-cheekness, a mockery of my own looking shit in professional clothes and fucked teeth from MDMA gurn-grinding.

What if one could align the Dragon-Snake relationship and inject poison into the Prime Minister's mind? (There are various sources of poison, though to be honest it's just mad comments under a Facebook photo op).

A friendly poison that perpetuates the natural relationship of letting a Dragon flail its pomposity whilst sitting back and observing your influence, all the while safe in the knowledge that you've helped to compose the most beneficial USUKEU relationship ever conceived ever.

A Shiraz-addled anagrammatical deconstruction of conscious information packets vibrated into reality, like a witness subtitle of events that describe reality before it is happening?

Nah, fuck it. Time would have been 48 months ago when they were writing the manifesto. Might as well overdose on codeine properly this time.



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