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Re: From Twitter
Jan 03, 2020, 17:16
tjj wrote:
drewbhoy wrote:

And Scotland will be ignored again :-(

I think that would be hard to do Drew. I can understand why Scotland wants independence but struggle to see how it would work in you stayed in the EU while England and Wales left. I know it is historic treaty but Scotland signed the Treaty of Union way back when
so they need permission from Westminster to hold another referendum - BJ ain't going to give it because it would break up the UK.

Northern Ireland, however, did not sign such a treaty so I suspect a United Ireland will happen first by means of a border poll, the reunification of Ireland - time will tell. I hope it is a peaceful transition.

But it still means England and Wales get what they voted, fair enough, their democratic vote is respected. Meanwhile the Govt in England says No to the democratic vote up here, down south voted Con/Lab alliance in, meanwhile we rejected them. There is a pattern emerging.
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