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Re: New York Times: Boris Johnson Might Break Up the U.K. That’s a Good Thing.
Jan 11, 2020, 18:22
Zariadris wrote:
I know your minds are sated with all things Brexit, but this opinion piece in today's NYT is an extra helping of food for thought, for anyone interested:


And then this from today's Guardian:


I don't know about sated Zariadris - totally sick, disillusioned and resigned is probably closer to the truth for the ordinary U.K. citizen - perhaps not Scotland. The New York Times article isn't saying anything we don't already know. Scotland will get independence eventually I'm sure but not while Boris Johnson is prime minister. Northern Ireland becoming part of a united one nation Ireland is inevitable too - the 'ordinary' people there just want peace along with the right to their own identities - whether that be speaking the Irish language or keeping the close links parts of Northern Ireland has with Scotland and the UK as it currently is. I don't know how that will work when there is no longer a Union as such.

As for England and Wales ... I can only speak for England as this is where I have lived all my life. I weep for England, far from nationalistic pride I see a country that is battered and bewildered. Why the f*ck so many of us (not me or my family) voted for more of the same by putting the Conservatives back in power will always be a puzzle.
The Labour Party is rebuilding though, some good people have stepped forward ready to lead. Keir Starmer looks the most likely candidate as he has the gravitas and compassion to prepare the party for the challenges ahead. As much as I would like to see a woman as leader, current politics is a brutal affair and I think a female leader would ultimately be bullied (possible exception being Emily Thornberry). My own personal philosophy at the moment, is very simple. I can't do anything BIG to change things not just in politics but for the environment too. All I can do is be kinder - give money to buskers, smile at people in shops, say thank you. And carry on flying the flag for public transport, cycling and feet.

All the best
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