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Public Sector Workers - Reality Check
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Edited Jul 07, 2010, 22:35
Re: Public Sector Workers - Reality Check
Jul 07, 2010, 22:29
lol that's exactly what I did.

See, pooley, we're social creatures. We're attuned to the tiniest little variations in the behaviour of others. I know a lot of it is lost in translation when we turn verbal face to face stuff into typed words on a screen, but still, we look beyond just the words, and see something of the intent.

So for example, when Geoffrey Prime suggests having a face to face discussion over a civilised meal, what I actually pick up from it is this:

"I am trying to score a point, and so I will try to make what sounds like a reasonable offer, in the sure knowledge that there is no chance in a million years that my 'adversary' will accept my offer"

So it doesn't come across as reasonable. It comes across as being snide, and somewhat cowardly.

Please note. I'm not saying Geoffrey Prime is either snide or cowardly, but that this is thge impression left by both his posts, and the context in which the posts are made.
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