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Public Sector Workers - Reality Check
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keith a
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Re: Public Sector Workers - Reality Check
Jul 01, 2010, 10:48
stray wrote:
pooley wrote:

Those police were bastards (as were a lot of the protesters, by the way) but not having been there, I cant really consider it as a personal experience...

Having not been there you can't really say a lot of protesters were bastards either can you ? Ever heard of Agent Provocateurs ? There were a fair few tales of there seeming to be a few of those at that protest.

I think what I'm saying is, as you say you have no personal experience, weren't there, and never are, etc, etc, um... shutup ?

Were you with your mate in the cells for 36 hrs? If not, does that mean you should shut up about that, too, seeing as that it's not your 'personal experience'?

I've got no 'personal experience' of whales being killed as you don't tend to see many being culled in the River Dee these days. Does that mean I'm not allowed to say it rather pisses me off slightly?
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