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Public Sector Workers - Reality Check
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Re: Public Sector Workers - Reality Check
Jun 28, 2010, 01:26
Yes, with you so far...so..what is the answer? as Lawrence suggests..is it a "revolution"?
Putting politics to one side..there is no doubt that public sector workers will now facing the same kind of austerity as that which the private sector have for the last few years.
I cant help coming back to simple economics that..unless you print money...you need money that you can profitabley earn...to fund whatever you need to fund. If you cant afford to do that, you tax. So if we have "over borrowed"..a measure of cost-cutting and tax-increases, doesn't sound too outlandish, in principle.
I have to give the ConLib/LibCon co. a brownie point though - at least I have a good idea about where they are going (whether I like it or not)...and that is a massive departure from the Blair-Brown era of government.
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