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Public Sector Workers - Reality Check
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Edited Jul 01, 2010, 11:37
Re: Public Sector Workers - Reality Check
Jul 01, 2010, 11:36
Er.. well done Keith and Merrick. You're neglecting to understand the difference between your facile examples and the fact that Pooley is making an assumption on the way people behaved in a specific situation (based on press reports and his own presumptions about people that fall into a specific classification in his head).

Yes, I wasn't with my mate but I do actually know him, and have done for 15 years... so... I feel I do know when I can trust his version of events.

Basically, he's making a judgment on what happened with no experience of it, or any similar experience of other events to draw on.

'As well i know' Pooley. Yes, with many years experience of protest 'as well I know' that these 'troublemakers' are entirely in your imagination and that of the popular press. If such people do turn up they get isolated from the main group of protesters anyway and the main group do not follow them. The police can always, always, just deal with them seperately to the rest of the protest if they actually wanted to. Unfortunately they never seem to want to.

Edit : But hey, maybe you have similar ideas about certain groups of people on protests too Keith and Merrick. I dunno.
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