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Circles under churches
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Re: Circles under churches
Aug 20, 2005, 07:54
"in some cases they were deliberatly placed in inferior positions to show the superior dominance of the new, more powerful religion. The church stood on its cowed and defeated enemy"

That's very persuasive. In some cases, as a minimum. It's part of human nature. Words don't last, and writing's no good for a largely illiterate population, so what better than to write it in stone, symbolically?

It chimes with two of my fantasies. ;)
That Silbury III was a huge high-tech statement of domination by invaders, who sought to build their symbol right on top of the low-tech temple of the losers, Silbury II, entombing their deity forever and using the poor sods as slave labour to do it...
and that Stonehenge was nicked en masse from Avebury and reworked and re-erected elsewhere, again as an act of exquisite humiliation.
Humans can be very unkind.
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