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Circles under churches
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Re: Circles under churches
May 12, 2005, 16:32
Can I have the last word..It is mentioned in Britain B.C.(Pryor) He states that neolithic yew bows were found in the Somerset levels. One bow was found at Meare Heath which could shoot an arrow over a 100 metres (its length 1.90.m), beautifully reinforced and decorated with elaborate criss cross leather bindings - they had style in those days.. and for an early irish tale, turning to Ross.
A sad story about the death of two lovers, Baile and Aillin, a yew tree is described as growing from one grave and an apple tree from the other, "and the form of the heads of the lovers appeared in the top of the trees."
She also goes on to say that (and here I do not necessarily believe her as she takes her sources from elsewhere) but; the sacred tree of of Mugna was a yew, Eo Mugna, according to the myth it bore three kinds of fruit, the acorn,apple and nut.
Not trying to prove anything its just that trees, like stones, have always had magical properties, and I expect the yew tree was also part of the practical and ritual side of much earlier people..
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