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Circles under churches
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Re: Circles under churches (Po)
Aug 19, 2005, 18:43
The pivotal question is, "Is this deliberate placing of stones in the foundations of churches an attempt by the Church to demonstrate <i>dominance</i> over an earlier belief system or an attempt by the Church to incorporate that earlier belief system into Christianity?

I remember once reading a book called <b>Not yes, Not No, but Po</b> (or something like that). The thrust of the author's argument being that things didn't have to be either yes or no but could also be both those things, or even something in-between (something which the author called Po :-)

Placing 'sacred' stones in church foundations could be seen, from the Church's point of view, as an act of dominance over an earlier belief system (though that would hardly endear the Church to the natives) but it could also be viewed (by those still adhering to aspects of that earlier belief system) as a visible sign that the new religion rested on the foundations of the old one (re: also the Christmas, Easter, Harvests festivals etc etc).

Not a new idea but a clever one.
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