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Films Again - all new
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Edited Apr 07, 2021, 13:27
Re: Films Again - all new
Apr 07, 2021, 13:25
A friend and I are doing film swaps. I just got loads of great stuff.

Last night saw Switchblade Sisters, uber trashy and punk. Whatever aspects were bugging me early on, it totally won me over. And I mean, it's about a gang of knifey girls. What's not to love?

This New Zealand movie Squeeze (1980). It's a queer film with a soundtrack by some local punks. Really good.

Night of The Demon. A good MR James adaptation, in spite of its goofy monster.

And speaking of Goofy Monsters: Rawhead Rex! Screenplay by Clive Barker. Begins with a knocking of a neolithic stone in Ireland. Big meathead beast is unleashed. Really dumb. Would recommend.

And also, PBT, an Orson Welles I saw lately and liked a lot was Return To Glenascaul. An eerie old ghost tale in which Orson Welles plays himself, picks up a hitchhiker and has a haunted aul time. A neat half hour.

Yeah.. It's been a real high-brow time at the covenstead!

*I didn't watch these all in one night, though that would be some marathon
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