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Films Again - all new
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jb lamptoast-morsley
jb lamptoast-morsley
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Re: Films Again - all new
Jan 23, 2017, 19:06
A few to mention in the last few weeks.

Gandhi. Bit of a hero of mine. A bit on the long side but enjoyed it - goes into a reasonable amount of detail.

Requiem for the American Dream. Wow. Gotta watch this again to fully absorb it all. Noam Chomsky railing against developments in modern American Politics, the growing inequality in wealth and how policies seem to be created to protect big business. Watched it with a couple of Graphic Designer friends who quite liked the visual aspect of this documentary too.

Waterbabies. First time I've seen it all the way through. Great fun. Some of the scenes seem to have been imprinted on me, watching them again and remembering them from childhood. I cocherlorum indeed. Like a cross between Oliver Twist and The Wizard of Oz.
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