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Films Again - all new
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Pursued By Trees
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Edited Aug 21, 2016, 00:46
Re: Films Again - all new
Aug 21, 2016, 00:45
Sin Agog wrote:
A Zed & Two Noughts would probably be the next thing of his worth looking into.

Long as you can stand the Jim Davidson bits. I do like the Vemeer obsession in it though. I'll see your A Z and Two Noughts and raise you Drowning By Numbers! Equally 80's freaky but with a much more bearable cast.

I liked Vertical Features Remake a lot too. Odd humourless spoof/fake documentary that seemed somewhat pointless while I was watching it... but afterwards I found that it had the effect of making me question and disbelieve everything I saw, that claimed to be 'real', somewhat more than usual.

I'm not a huge fan of Jarman ... didn't like Jubilee overly much, didn't get what all the fuss was about Blue ... did enjoy his Tempest though.
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