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Re: Films Again - all new
Apr 04, 2018, 14:34
American Ultra - nicely balanced mix of slacker comedy meets action movie. Sort-of a cross between American tv series Chuck (but with a movie level of violence) and a bit-less-full-on-than-Kevin-Smith-ish level of comedy.

Jessie Eisenberg plays a dope-addled and panic-striken convenience store clerk who is unwittingly a C.I.A. sleeper agent. When a C.I.A. boss decides to 'clear the portfolio' the overseer of the project (that Jessie's characters' training was a part of) decides to activate him in order to give him a fighting chance of survival. Also features Walton Goggins.

Also highly recommended, but with less mass-appeal, Jessie Eisenberg (again) in The Double. Loosely based on the Dostoyevsky story. Has something in common with Eraserhead in its' alienation vibe, but is actually a darkish comedy (with Kaurismaki-style absurdist elements) ... a lot of laughs if you're that way inclined. The highly film-literate Richard Ayoade's second feature. Even includes a brief cameo from J. Mascis.
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