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Thank you to London police
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Re: Thank you to London police
Jun 04, 2017, 22:31
Sanctuary wrote:
nigelswift wrote:
Never mind the smile. He's the one you share your false representation of the Mayor of London with.

As for the detectorist with the guitar, yes you're right, he has threatened me and my family. It was a police matter. Nice of you to bring it up.

Not nice of course but I have made no mention of him threatening your family, how would I know that? But getting back to the point, show some respect for the man as you would like to be respected yourself if you held his position. You actually know nothing about him personally do you other than what you have read in the rags and picked up on the net over the past few weeks.

Not sure I can be bothered with this any more. You've got some front Roy, to accuse me of 'stirring it' simply because I pointed out you (and Trump) had misconstrued what Sadiq Khan said this morning. Why do that? I can only speculate. I don't respect Trump at all... yet. I respect leaders who are peace makers - if he proves to be one I may come to respect him but I'm afraid his stand-down on global warming makes that highly unlikely.
You are also out of order to accuse me of stirring when you have posted
that video link to Nigel Swift - it was an appalling attempt at winding him up. Some might say baiting.
I have a right to join in this debate and have not insulted any one. Have just watched some of the Manchester Benefit Concert and although its all 'young stuff' very refreshing to see it on a day such as this. Its a long time since Bob Dylan got up there and sang about 'Masters of War' and 'Times they are a changing' but he was right - "the first one now will later be last". Our country and our future belongs to those children and young people singing along tonight with Ariana Grande. And in the words of the old wordsmith "Even the President of the United States sometimes has to stand naked". Little did he know when, as a young man, he wrote those words ... how true they would be.
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