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Thank you to London police
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Edited Jun 04, 2017, 18:40
Re: Thank you to London police
Jun 04, 2017, 18:37
tjj wrote:
Ethericat wrote:
tjj wrote:

Theresa May is shaping up to be the biggest hypocrite to be PM yet.

Er? I'm not a Tory voter/supporter. Never have been.

It was not my intention to suggest you were Ethricat. Just presenting more evidence to reinforce what you and others have already said. I know people who are Tory supporters and in the rare instances where that person is also a friend we silently agree not to discuss politics.

Thanks. Decent frustrated people of either persuasion. I've never bought into the self appointed moral high ground of many on the left, which can be so hypocritical, just as much as so many those of the very same of the right. I know/have worked with many fundamentally decent people with different economic/political views that are not so far apart when you really get down to it, just bewildered by bullshit.
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