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Thank you to London police
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Edited Jun 04, 2017, 17:03
Re: Thank you to London police
Jun 04, 2017, 16:37
Ethericat wrote:
thesweetcheat wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:
When are we going to wake up to the fact that we are at war with these bastards. When will the penny drop?

The police, on and off duty, have been outstanding but are not soldiers and don't fight wars - but the army do!
Instead of us continually planning what we are going to do in the event of an attack, we should have the army out there scouring the country and eradicating those bastards before they do. The public will talk to soldiers more readily about people or groups they suspect in their area knowing they will be protected by professional soldiers.

Enough is enough are the wisest words I've heard in months. Now get the job done! We have been far too soft in this country.

So here are some positive actions that could be taken:

Biggest one first - stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia, which funds and arms IS, and looking for trade deals with a regime that has some of the worst human rights issues on the planet.

Work with Muslim communities rather than seeking to blame every Muslim for the actions of a tiny minority, or demonising young Muslims as potential terrorists. You will no doubt have seen the condemnation from the Muslim Council of Britain: http://www.mcb.org.uk/london-bridge-attack-muslim-council-of-britain/

Stop bombing/attacking the Middle East. IS formed in the bloody hole we left in the middle of Libya. The cycle needs to be broken not reinforced.

Stop cutting police services. https://youtu.be/k8CguKK17F0

All that stuff about putting the "army on the streets" is idiotic. This isn't Helmand Province. It's not even Londonderry and look how well that worked out. The army isn't the right body to be carrying out intelligence work. The police need to be properly funded and it would also help if US intelligence didn't go blabbing details of live investigations as they did in the immediate aftermath of Manchester.

Don't waste money renewing Trident. It's a fossil and the £20bn or whatever could be spent far more wisely.

Putting a tank on every lawn is not the answer. It never is.

Agreed, and neither is tolerating any more the dangerous minority hate speech of Islamic extremism. Preach hate 'theologically rhetorically?'. It effects us all, the vast majority of muslims and everyone alike. A Wahhabist agenda endangers us all. Enough. How from here? I'm honestly scratching my head, but platitudes whilst kissing Saudi Oil ass isn't going to hold up much longer. Dangerous times, and also easily manipulated.

For the record, I briefly lived up North in a town in 1993. I went to a college in a nearby town to do a 'mature' uni student entry course. I met a perfectly cool (he was) Muslim guy at the college on the same course, and we got on fine and became friends. He'd sometimes give me a lift in his car and I'd put music on as well as he did, and one day I noticed he had a load of badly photocopied or not literature about 'jihad' on his back seat. He spent quite a while happily explaining this to me, his 'infidel' friend (I 'd bang on about peace and Gandhi) and, being young and daft and it was different world, I naturally dismissed it all as eccentricity nonsense. I hope I was right. I am not using this at all other than to say that in retrospect our culpability in all this mess is true, but it's not quite that simple either. I hope it was just a phase with my friend too, in 1993.
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