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Rusell Brand - Revolutionist?????????????
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Re: Rusell Brand - Revolutionist?????????????
Oct 28, 2013, 13:45
Sin Agog wrote:
I do think you've got him wrong. I might have thought the same thing had I not listened to hundreds of hours of his podcast. Cheeky telephone conversations were one part of the show, sometimes with Finnish employees of a Moomin theme park, or with the voice of Bungle from Rainbow. In the case of that Sachs thing, Sachs had been booked for the show and he hadn't shown up, so Jonathan Woss, his fill-in co-host, egged him on to give him a call asking where he was. He was winging-in it and, considering one of the few things he knew about Sachs was that he had a granddaughter in a dominatrix troupe called the Satanic Sluts who he'd slept with, it came up. Prob not the kind of thing a granddad wants to hear about, but it's not really that big a deal. That hardly makes him Bernard Manning.

The revolution thing's pretty tongue-in-cheek and glib, but Brand's definitely not sexist (a sex addict, sure, but that doesn't mean the same thing). I mean the dude sits and chats with the homeless once every week or so. How many celebs do that?

Happy to pay due regard to your opinion given that you're clearly more knowledgeable in the ways of Russell Brand. The least I can do for a fellow HH Unsung Head. That being said, I've given some thought to this over recent days and my opinion remains that he's an arsehole. I'm happy to accept that he's not sexist in the general sense of the term, but am I wrong in believing that he has a habit of 'discarding' people, particularly girlfriends/partners, in his personal life? He strikes me as a 'user' of people. On top of that, his bloated opinion of himself strikes the wrong chord in the den. I can't be doing with people who have their head up their arse. A modicum of modesty is a good thing. At the very least, he's a 'foot in mouth' personality - there's nothing wrong with being opinionated per se, but when that is pursued through unwarranted barbed personal insults, he crosses a red line. I didn't like the way he had a pop at Paxman and sought to pour scorn upon him having the audacity to be emotional about the lifestyle of one of his ancestors simply to illustrate his diatribe about the disenfranchised. Neither am I about to whitewash some nasty off the cuff comments to a grandfather about the sexual adventures of his granddaughter. By jingo, we're British!

Russell Brand - Revolutionist? Maybe
Russell Brand - Arsehole? Certainly
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