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Rusell Brand - Revolutionist?????????????
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Re: Rusell Brand - Revolutionist?????????????
Oct 27, 2013, 19:55
Astralcat wrote:

sanshee wrote:

Astralcat wrote:

He doesn't defend Cromwell's treatment of the Irish. He calls them an 'arsehole' for 'starving and murdering them'.

Yes, I know, I read it too, that's not what I'm saying!
He'd be a lunatic to defend Cromwell for that!
I don't think Brand's a lunatic, just a bit naïve, maybe. Slightly tiresome, but that's just my opinion.
I do vote, and believe it or not, the Scottish independence one is very, very important to all of us up here and if Brand thinks I'd be better off meditating or summat I'd say yes, maybe afterwards dude, but some of us gotta address the real world first.

Your initial post clearly says that he defended Cromwell's treatment of the Irish... so you can't decipher information correctly, and then suddenly you didn't mean that at all via Sooty's magic wand. Meditation is good for you. Have a pakora. Peace and Love, and good luck with your conception of the real world. You're going to need it.

No, I wrote.

Oh dear me. I'll capitalise to elucidate.
See, the second sentence reads
'As in the case of the Irish HE defends RE Cromwell's treatment of 'em.'
I DOES NOT read 'HE defends Cromnwell's treatment of the Irish' at all!!
It clearly means, 'the Irish he defends in regards to how Cromwell treated them'
Read it again, if it's still a bit complex, don't blame me.
Oh and if meditation will end me up with an attitude like the one you just gave out, no ta.
No magic wand or editing has went on.
You'll see, original post is intact.
You've seen only what you wanted to see.
How enlightened.
So I won't wish you pakoras or anything other than try not to be so blimmin' rude.
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