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Your favourite Mellotron performances
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Edited Aug 17, 2012, 20:40
Your favourite Mellotron performances
Aug 17, 2012, 20:37
Just wondering what people's favourite Mellotron performances are?
here are some of mine:

Popol Vuh - "Aguirre I" (from Aguirre, 1972[76']) (a choir-organ, but basically the same thing - possibly the best mellotron/choir-organ piece ever laid to tape!)

Amon Duul II - "Deutsch Nepal" (from Wolf City, 1972) (Jimmy Jackson's mastery of the choir-organ, makes for some Orff-ian blocks of vocal bombast that oscillate woozily across this Teutonic manifesto).

Chairmen of the Board - Earthquake Shake - Ending (from Cosmic Truth, 1973) - In between "Earthquake Shake" and "Down By the River" is THE most strangest piece of cosmic space-folk to have ever been heard on a Soul label like Gordy! Plangent and grainy string and flute mellotrons curl around each as if soundtracking a botany program about the various flora and fauna of Venus! Quite extroadinary!

Tarental - "Adonai" (from The Order of Things, 2001) - opening track "Adonai" starts to fizz and hiss as a Mellotron sounding keyboard starts to leak out of the track's musical crevices like potent gaseous ectoplasm. Spectral!

The Pretty Things - SF Sorrow is Born (from SF Sorrow, 1968), a brief but revelatory mellotron solo arrives in the middle of this track, rivalling The Stones' 2000 Light Years From Home with ease.

King Crimson - The Devil's Triangle, Hand of Scerion, Garden of Worm etc. (from In the Wake of Poseidon, 1970). Wagnerian Bombast courtesy of the 'tron. Pure 1970!

Rob Thomsett - Entrance to Warambool Part 1 (from Yaraandoo, 1975) Heavenly solo tron that transcends in the Aguirre way. See my HH review

Julian Cope - "Vuh" A beautiful trancey mandala of a tune.

Celeste - Celeste. Italtian prog rockers whose work is awash in 'tron.

Anglagard - "Vandringar i Vilsenhet" - Choral mellotrons that sound like a Dwarven army about to commence battle.

Tangerine Dream - Phaedra LP - The 'trons emit ectoplasmic spectralia at its cosmic best.

Yes - "Heart of the Sunrise" (from Fragile, 1971) - Rather sinister and riddled with tension as the waves of 'tron buffet against Squire's bass line.


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