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Your stereo sound system
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Edited Nov 29, 2006, 19:29
Re: Your stereo sound system
Nov 29, 2006, 19:29
Custom pre/power amp pair made by a nice man who worked at Linn and used to *cough* acquire components and build nice things. Arcam 7SE Cd player, and er... thats it. Oh, yeah, Kef Coda 9 floorstanders, a total waste really, I should really upgrade the speakers to a pair of iQ9s. Nope, I know, considering my amps I could really blow a lot more cash on speakers, but nah, it's all diminishing returns innit ? Can't for the life of me remember the brand of speaker cable, all I know it was way-too-bloody-much-quids per metre and it doesn't fucking bend, trying to bend it results in getting a banana plug thrust up one of my nostrils at 20mph as it fights back. I could lynch an elephant with it I reckon.

Also in the room are 2x1210s a couple of panasonic varispeed CD decks, (and some denons in a box) a behringer dsp rack and a spirit 20/4. Yep, spose I should buy a decent turntable for proper sound, I'm not dumb enough to spend silly money on carts and stylii for 1210s (even if they are proper, earlier, manufactured decks before they farmed out the build work to kids somewhere in the third world).
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