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Your stereo sound system
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Billy Milk
Billy Milk
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Re: Your stereo sound system
Nov 29, 2006, 23:21
got a cambridge audio dvd/dvd-a/sacd deck for 200 quid from richer sounds, feeding a sony 5.1 amp and 5 gale speakers, plus a gale sub woof woof. i feed it mp3s mostly but like to play surround stuff through it too, but you can't get a 5.1 mix of topo. massive iTunes library is streamed via airtunes round the house. best speakers are genelecs in bedroom which i use for monitoring logic and ableton live. i'm not allowed to play loud music after midnight but i normally listen at a sensible volume anyway. got one of them bose ipod speakers which is pretty good. plug ipod into car stereo for driving music or listen through some classy headphones that go right in your ear. name escapes me now. listen to radio 4 on dab in the kitchen before i go to work... when i'm writing the speakers on macbook pro laptop do me - they have this weird surround sound effect which can be quite disconcerting... got a technics deck but it's not plugged in at the moment...
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