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Mothers/Zappa Mono & Acetate
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Tangerine Pete
Tangerine Pete
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Re: Mothers/Zappa Mono & Acetate
Nov 28, 2006, 19:17
shanshee_allures wrote:
Changing the subject slightly, I was amazed at how differently the vinyl Hot Rats is to the Rykodisk release (I take it they all are). I do however recall how 'In it for the Money'sounded on LP, and for some reason the language on it has been 'cleaned up' since!
I thought his restoration work could have been a bit better after all those tapes got damged, even although he said some it was impossible to recoup.
This does seem intersting though, and I'm sure quite available for download. Off I go again...

one of the things that drives zappa fans to distraction is how he he remixed some of his best loved pieces (peaches en regalia, cheepnis, a.o.) and created what are commonly regarded as inferior versions for the cd releases. the original vinyl is where it's at, for sure.

for those of you interested in the (sometimes massive) disparity between the vinyl and cd versions, I can recommend the following site. Simply click on an lp title, then click on 'vinyl vs. cd'.


warning -- if you're really into Zappa, this is the equivalent of doing a 500 mic hit of blotter acid. in other words, you'll be busy for about the next 8 hours.

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