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60s/70s HeavyBluesPsychProtoMetalFuzz
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ben cooney
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60s/70s HeavyBluesPsychProtoMetalFuzz
Feb 24, 2006, 21:43
hey there...<p>so (early)Blue Cheer, SLB, Captain Beyond, first 6 Sabbath get heavy rotation in my ears....but i want morrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre damnit! <p>

so does anyone have any recommendations for bands of a similar ilk? Like the real deal as well, from the late 60s early 70s...i'd rather hear it straight from the horse's amp rather than some modern attempt (altho they will be considered)... <p>

ive been readin about bands like budgie, cactus, dust, grand funk, leaf hound etc.... <p>

who do i need to hear?!?!?!?!

cheers for any info/suggestions
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Leaf Hound
Feb 24, 2006, 22:14
I have Leaf Hound's 'Growers of Mushroom' and it is bonafide 70's heavy blues stoner-forerunner zeptastic.


go listen! Ooo, they are back and playing Kingston tomorrow!

I'd also check out T2's 'It'll All Work Out In Boomland' for more heavitude seventies bluesy English rock.

Also Bang - from 1973 ish, very Sabbath

From Japan in the 70's I really like Blues Creation, awesome guitar. Check out their 'Live' LP

As for modern band's, maybe check out Green Milk From Planet Orange


(check MP3's especially Concrete City Breakdown)

Loads of stuff listed here with clips and blurb, both modern and trad:

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Re: 60s/70s HeavyBluesPsychProtoMetalFuzz
Feb 25, 2006, 01:40
I love the early Grand Funk - esp live (I quite like the later stuff too meself, but am pretty much on me own...!)


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Re: 60s/70s HeavyBluesPsychProtoMetalFuzz
Feb 25, 2006, 09:08
'Split' by the Groundhogs is a must! If you haven't heard it already, treat yourself.
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Re: 60s/70s HeavyBluesPsychProtoMetalFuzz
Feb 25, 2006, 15:51
What I said on HH. =;o)
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Re: 60s/70s HeavyBluesPsychProtoMetalFuzz
Feb 26, 2006, 03:03
No, you're not entirely alone there... since my teens, I've loved Grand Funk and like all their albums up to Shine On and We're An American Band, but that's my guilty pleasure... I sure wouldn't recommend those later albums to most folks, nor do I love them as much as the earlier stuff, but I do like 'em. Only liked one song on 'All The Girls In The World Beware'; haven't heard that one where they're in coffins on the cover; and 'Good Singing, Good Playing' I thought was pretty lame-o.
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Re: 60s/70s HeavyBluesPsychProtoMetalFuzz
Feb 28, 2006, 07:18
Now, for some suggestions... I held off at first because I thought, dang, there's just so much... I won't mention some of the suitable stuff I've reviewed recently, for brevity. Some party poopers might say only 5 or so albums from this period are really worth having, but that depends on how picky and elitist you are. I can't guarantee you'll like all this of course, but I reckon these are worthy to varying degrees -
Alamo - s/t [US]
Amboy Dukes - Journey to the Centre of the Mind; Migration
Amphyrite - s/t [France]
Ancient Grease - Women and Children First [UK]
Andromeda - their sole album has pretty good moments but I think some of the demos, outtakes and rarities found on discs such as Return to Sanity are better; you can get all this and more on the 2-CD Angel Air label comp. [UK]
Antonius Rex - Neque Semper Arcum Tendit Rex [Italy] [this'll surprise you - the invention of black metal way back in the early 70's]
Armageddon - s/t [UK]
Ashkan - In From the Cold [UK]
Asoka - s/t [Sweden]
Atlee - Flying A Head [US]
Atomic Rooster - Live and Raw 70/71
Attila - s/t [US][early band of Billy Joel that you wouldn't believe, doing proggy proto-metal!]
Il Balletto di Bronzo - Sirio 2222 [Italy]
Banchee - Thinkin'; s/t [US][lots of poppier stuff on both, but when they whip out the hard riffage, look out!]
Bang - Death of a Country; s/t; Mother/Bow to the King
Baumstam - On Tour [Germany]
Bedlam - s/t; Live in London
Blackfeather - At The Mountains Of Madness [Australia]
J.D. Blackfoot - The Ultimate Prophecy [US][mainly for the suite that takes up a whole side]
Blackwater Park - Dirt Box [Germany]
Bloodrock - s/t; and monents on 2 & 3 [US]
Bloody Mary - s/t [US]
Bob Seger System - Ramblin' Gamblin' Man
Bodkin - s/t [UK]
Bolder Damn - Mourning [US]
Boomerang - s/t [actually I reckon only half or less of this is that good] [US]
Boot - s/t [US]
George Brigman - Jungle Rot; I Can Hear the Ants Dancin' [US]
Terry Brooks & Strange - Translucent World; Raw Power; Rock the World [US]
Budgie - s/t; Squawk; Never Turn Your Back On A Friend; In For The Kill; Bandolier
Buffalo - Dead Forever; Volcanic Rock; Only Want You For Your Body [Australia]
Bull Angus - s/t [US]
Cactus - s/t; One Way Or Another; Restrictions
Randy California - Kapt. Kopter
Chain - Towards the Blues [Australia] [not all that heavy, but a great album if you like hard blues rock with a bit of imagination]
Charlee - s/t [Canada?]
Charlies - Buttocks [Finland]
Shinki Chen - & His Friends [Japan]
Christmas - Heritage;Live at Massey Hall; Lies to Live By is pretty good too but more progressive [forget about the s/t debut, it's pretty lame] [Canada]
Clear Blue Sky - s/t; Out of the Blue - Live & Unreleased [UK]
Color Humano - s/t; Vol. 2 [Argentina]
Crushed Butler - Uncrushed [UK]

Man, this is getting long and I'm getting eaten alive by mosquitoes while I type this, so I think I better come back to this later, picking up where I left off at 'D'.
cancer boy
cancer boy
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Re: 60s/70s HeavyBluesPsychProtoMetalFuzz
Feb 28, 2006, 11:44
It's gotta be this one:


Or maybe in two days time, this one:

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Re: 60s/70s HeavyBluesPsychProtoMetalFuzz
Mar 01, 2006, 21:11
Was just wondering if that was the same guy wearing the Iggy tshirt in both cover photos. Then realised that they must be from the same photo-shoot.
Must dig out my copy of the 1st one.
Pretty dashed fine.
Np Grateful Dead 27/12/77 Passenger
cancer boy
cancer boy
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Re: 60s/70s HeavyBluesPsychProtoMetalFuzz
Mar 03, 2006, 10:57
Yeah, they're great photos from that session. There's an interview with the guy who took them on the Ramshead site, he's a photographer for the likes of Smithsonian and National Geographic now. Relapse are now shipping volume two even though it's not supposed to be out yet, just waiting for mine to arrive at the moment.
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