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More on Duterte / Philippines
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Edited Apr 14, 2017, 09:54
Re: More on Duterte / Philippines
Apr 14, 2017, 09:11
phallus dei wrote:

I've not seen the video you mention, though I don't doubt that it's as bad as you describe. Horrible prison and work conditions, government bribery, etc. is a fact of life for the Third World (and parts of the developed world). Duterte certainly isn't breaking any records there. Rather than directing our criticism at individual leaders, I think a better approach would be to fault the dominant economic and political system, which condemns the majority of humanity to a life of misery. Perhaps a multipolar world will offer more opportunities for the subaltern to develop. By trying to wrest the Philippines free from American hegemony, Duterte is working hard to create such a multipolar world.

No obscure source, I saw footage of the prisons on the telly news.
I know telly news is dismissed by some but I'm sure this was real.
A woman prison officer, tiny, looked like she weighed about 7 stone, telling us things 'have got worse' with the mass rounding up of anybody and everybody.
Not singling Duterte out but he's the topic of the thread.
As for the 'bribery' bit, my point is he will be in the pocket of some *drug lord* or other, Mexican governments were/are? notorious for it.
There will be some 'selection' as to who's a problem and who isn't.
I do think you maybe give him too much credit tbh.
EDIT: And, no one is guiltless of whipping up 'nationalist rhetoric' when it suits.
Spit out the word America like you're clearing a cancer in your throat, even spelling it with 3 Ks don't really feed the babies.
The *bogeyman* travels in all directions.
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