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More on Duterte / Philippines
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phallus dei
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Re: More on Duterte / Philippines
Apr 04, 2017, 23:09
dhajjieboy wrote:
You are a phony, more than that though, you are an entirely hypocritical phony.
Their have been loads of threads on this particular forum that have addressed particular misgivings of the United States, The United Kingdom, and Coalition fronts.....or as you would say the "Western world".
You have been a member of this site for many years,I checked, you{along with your fellow Trump/Putin/Duterte stooge aka: Howburn Digger}, have barely voiced any opinion at all, till only recently, about how evil the "western world" is.
You back any and all of your 'assertions' with links to journalism that no one has ever heard of, or is so right wing/Marxist/anti Zionist/despot supporting bent, that there is no possible arena in which any of it would be held as credible evidence in any moderated debate or war/peacetime crimes tribunal.
And yet, you{along with fellow aforementioned 'Stooge'} go on to say that anything held as 'credible' by anyone else daring to peep above the parapet in this forum, is completely "suspect" agenda driven faux journalism/organizations.
I myself see nothing wrong with taking a candid look at individual situations as they arise on their own merits or demerits,unlike you 2 stooges who constantly seek to "nuance" causes you find 'justifiable' by obfuscation and dragging any # of other atrocities/causations/inept bungling's into your idea of a 'debate'
That's the real problem, you don't seem able to focus on a particular issue....or perhaps it just that you seek to further your own motivations by turning any discussion/arena/forum you participate/barge into/,about your own agenda....
At least to me, you and your fellow 'Stooge' have made what 'that' is very clear.
You made mention of "my act"....
Really it's the 2 of yours....the 'Marx'{ist} brothers....
I know that I will never have anything to apologize for as regards my observations of mr. duterte thus far.
Not ever.
I would be just as indignant about any shit, in any corner of the globe, that could perpetrate such heinous acts.
I think that many years of my posts quite conclusively prove that.
Not so much.
I can't even begin to imagine the crevice you exist in as a claimed American. I can't believe that it would be possible for you to have a lunchroom conversation at a job site without everyone at the table thinking "what in insufferable" shit.
To say nothing of a family gathering.
See you both at the next Marxist gathering.....

edit: some desperately needed puctuation

Yes, I have been on this site since the beginning, though posted only rarely until recently. My sudden upturn in posts stems in part from being inspired by the Trump presidency, which I see as a sign that more Americans are waking up and beginning to resist the dominant narrative. For the first time in a while, I actually feel inspired by domestic events in the US.

The sources I provide come from a variety of media outlets. In a previous thread when you recited the standard MSM narrative about the Syrian war, I countered your argument with posts from the BBC, the London Review of Books, and the Guardian. And included in the first Duterte thread were statistics drawn from the United Nations. Claiming that I only quote from "obscure" sources shows that you haven't bothered to look at the links I provide.

I also take issue with your claim that I attack anyone "daring to peep above the parapet" in this forum. There are any number of debates / issues that I don't comment upon here, either because I'm not particularly interested in them, or because I feel I don't know much about the topic. When I do comment about something, I naturally try to draw parallels with other events, because it is only through such comparison that events begin to make "sense." Otherwise, it is just idealistic discussion about one singular event after another in vague abstraction.

Out of the people who commented on the previous Duterte thread, the only one who had difficulty carrying on a debate was you. You were the one who employed insults and then locked the thread when it wasn't going your way. It is fine if you think my views are shit. Maybe they are, and I can learn from what you have to offer. But neither I, you, or anyone else on this forum can gain anything from reading a "debate" that consists predominately of angry tantrums.
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