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Duterte update
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phallus dei
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Re: Duterte update
Apr 02, 2017, 02:46
dhajjieboy wrote:
Give it a fucking rest man.
Not interested in your marxist bullshit.
As a professed American, you can only possibly inhabit the same dark/lonesome crevice that bred lee Harvey Oswald.
You see, this is something that i would know about, having actually lived long enough in 7 states to have had a drivers licence there....you simply don't exist among-st the populace except as dark lurking figure with no one to discuss anything you believe in that wouldn't tell you to take your 'ideology' and fuck-off with it. Your the less than 1% wherever your gonna' hang your hat.
Not interested.
Please stop shitting up every thread that you post in.

Oh, I thought this thread was about Duterte and the Philippines. I posted an article by a Czech writer who went to the Philippines and interviewed a bunch of people there, and who placed Duterte's rise within its broader historical context. I assumed that such a post would be entirely appropriate for a thread entitled "Duterte update." I didn't realize that this thread was simply your personal vanity project, started for the purpose of insulting anyone who doesn't agree with your views.

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