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Duterte update
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Howburn Digger
Howburn Digger
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Re: Duterte update
Apr 03, 2017, 22:40
dhajjieboy wrote:
How you can conflate 'Abu Sayyaf ' {a declared Islamic/terrorist organization} operating primarily in the southern islands of the Philippines and there actions, with Duterte's unconscionable police actions that primarily target{for summary execution} desperately poor {primarily catholic} drug addicted, victims at the very lowest rung{slums of Manila} of their respective society, is something only you could possibly understand.
But obfuscation is a game you have repeatedly tried to play out here many times....
at least I can link to Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch as reference sources for the real truth at hand.
Yes, I know, if there is anything that I have learned from you and Phallus Dei{Cock God...???}{Seriously...???}....,it's that only the 2 of you are in possession of the 'Truth'....any other origins of reference are immediately suspect.....
I'm completely OK with my own resources.

Narco Gangs. Chainsaws. Face peelings (then stitched onto a football - these guys do learn from the Mexican Cartels don't they?). Decapitated corpses piled high at the roadside. The Narco Gangs and ISIS have exactly the same modus operandi as one another. Utterly unthinkable terror and intimidation of innocent populations. Much of the killing of those involved in Narco Gangs is done by rival Narco Gangs, the Military and Police are probably running a poor second place on the score sheet there. Local people have formed militias to deal with psychotic rampaging Meth Heads. Good luck to them, because by the time the armed cops actually get to your part of town, the Meth Head will have eviscerated your granny, be wearing her face and be rifling through her handbag for her pension. The people of the Philippines know who and what the monsters are. And they are not looking at Duterte.

It is Narco Gangs and ISIS. Perhaps dhajjieboy would like to offer the Narco Gangs and ISIS some counselling and live with them in a commune or something like that.

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