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Duterte update
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Re: Duterte update
Apr 03, 2017, 17:38
How you can conflate 'Abu Sayyaf ' {a declared Islamic/terrorist organization} operating primarily in the southern islands of the Philippines and there actions, with Duterte's unconscionable police actions that primarily target{for summary execution} desperately poor {primarily catholic} drug addicted, victims at the very lowest rung{slums of Manila} of their respective society, is something only you could possibly understand.
But obfuscation is a game you have repeatedly tried to play out here many times....
at least I can link to Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch as reference sources for the real truth at hand.
Yes, I know, if there is anything that I have learned from you and Phallus Dei{Cock God...???}{Seriously...???}....,it's that only the 2 of you are in possession of the 'Truth'....any other origins of reference are immediately suspect.....
I'm completely OK with my own resources.

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