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Annexus Quam
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Sep 12, 2000, 20:23
this may sound all too familiar but the local doghouse will execute 180 abandoned dogs in this town due to the council's lack of funds; paradoxically, the money allotted to this has been spent on more roads and more private meals with local politicians (probably canine meat!) and the carers have been given only a couple of weeks before they dispose of them, no time or money to send the dogs to other towns or cities (wankers!)

the stench of burnt dog flesh can be quite bad, I've been told, so I am preparing a campaign with flyers to:

a. save a dog

b. show what a bunch of bastards the local council is made up of

c. expose the root problem - don't get a pet and then abandon it once the novelty is gone

"what will you do once the novelty is gone?" said Ian Curtis, well, it seems like most people would find it hard to get it on when they are not told what they can do in their boring lives...

and me... I am allergic to pets

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