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More Bono bashing (never enough IMO)
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Squid Tempest
Squid Tempest
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Re: More Bono bashing (never enough IMO)
Oct 12, 2010, 19:02
IanB wrote:
Squid Tempest wrote:
IanB wrote:
drewbhoy wrote:
And that is a good point as well!

The way I look at it is that rock n roll is like football. The fact that it is all about money doesn't stop it being an art or a genuine sporting competition. At a professional level it is about all three things all at the same time. Doesn't stop me loving either rock n roll or football but we can't pretend that artists are not infected by the money or the competition for platinum discs, charts and bigger and bigger venues. The ones that aren't and get out alive and are still artistically vital are few and far between. Those are the people we celebrate here isn't it?

Now I'm confused. We are meant to celebrate the fact that Bono has done some good things for charidee, but we're celebrating the musicians that don't go for the competition for platinum discs, big venues etc?

I guess to some extent I'm playing devil's advocate here TBH. Although I can see that I shouldn't be unkind about Bonio's good works, I have a fixed opinion that he is an utter tosser. This is coz I saw U2 do one of their early London gigs. Not only were they complete rubbish, but Bonio was the most arrogant, self-centred arse I've ever had the misfortune to see on stage.

OK, so he has probably redeemed himself by helping zillions of people out of poverty, which I can't knock, but please don't ask me to actually LIKE him!

I am not asking you to like him at all. I don't like them either but I think it is worth examining that the commercial instinct and the ego drive for success is a big part of what makes rock n roll tick. The way I look at it is if Bono uses his fame to do what he does then it might be worth giving him some credit for that and making an honest assessment of what drives the likes of Lydon and Iggy et al to wiggle their asses on tv for corporate cash. That's all really.

Yeah, fair enough. Especially comparing him to the other corporate sell-outs. I knew what you meant really, I've just got a bee in my bonnet about Bonio. Now Sting on the other hand...*

*runs away and waits for it all to kick off about Sting, who I met many years ago and seemed a truly decent and humble human bean.
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