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Tories and unemployment benefits
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Sir John Dunn
Sir John Dunn
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Re: Tories and unemployment benefits
Aug 22, 2008, 17:47
pooley wrote:
pooley wrote:
Sir John Dunn wrote:
pooley wrote:
Merrick wrote:
pooley wrote:
I know loads of people who wont get a job as they are better of on the dole

Can you agree that there are more people than jobs? (As there are 1.6 million unemployed, that seems like you can)

Can you agree that there are always going to be more people than jobs?

If so, we face several options, and I'm wondering which you'd consider best;

1) We make the large pool of unemployed play musical chairs for the smaller pool of jobs

2) We remove benefits from those without a job

3) We find those who can live full and contented lives on the bare minimum, and give them dole, focusing our benefits budget on those who actually want help into work.

As an employer, I find it extraordinary that there are more people than jobs (as you claim, I don't know the figures so cant agree or disagree). I'm always struggling to fill positions for good fairly well paid jobs. In my experience, there is a lack of suitable people to fill the positions available.
To me, this means a huge retraining program is in order - I simply can not accept that anyone who doesn't need to should spend their whole lives on benefit, without giving something back.
Does that make me a Nazi, or worse a tory?? I have no idea.
The idea that we should find people that want to do nothing all day, at the expense of everyone else is awful, to me. I'd love to do fuck all, but I have a family and I have to work.

Pooley, with employers like you, who needs Nazi Tories? You are the problem, not the solution.

Is this a money thing? Do you honestly believe that you would pay less tax if everyone had a job?

Who cares whether people work or not? We’ll all be dead soon, anyway.

i'm the problem? hilarious. I work for a failrly decent company

Game over. Swap shirts everyone. See y'all in the dressing room.
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