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The Hate That He Inspires
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Annexus Quam
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The Hate That He Inspires
Nov 20, 2003, 19:47
Over the last years, I have kept well away from that heavily-polluted, chaotic, expensive black hole called London; I recently even travelled in an endless semi-circular motion around the extremely-congested M25 on the way to Wiltshire wondering why the world had come to get stuck in such a four-lane vicious circle to Nowhere; and I thought no person should ever cross that psychological belt that divides sanity and insanity called the orbital. Although I have spent part of my life and I met my wife there, like many other Holy escapists after and before me, I do not miss it. In fact, a place like Berlin is a much more accessible city for non-motorists and cyclists (50% of whose population has no car), with a huge chunk of countryside in its middle and a Scene that rocks as much as that in London. But today, at 18:25 CET, my heart was in Trafalgar Sq as the statue of that ludicrous leader of the US of Angst was toppled and my thoughts went back to that place where I have spent many moments of night and day surrounded by a constant maelstrom of traffic and double-decker parades. I had to rely on Euronews/GermanTV to see this historic event, since the BBC is too busy showing two cynical politicians hated by their own people and the rest of the world parroting the same old hollow speech. They have made the words Democracy, Justice and Freedom as empty of meaning as Gobbledy Gook. And if those words have become meaningless, then the dodgy duo stands for Nothing. At the very least, they resemble the opposite of what they are preaching - like old stalinist relics who completely ignore their own people, RITE NOW demonstrating in large numbers a few metres away. And every time those three words are used in conjunction these days, in interviews for instance, they are still used by an army of cynics, you know, the type of Ignoramus that tells you to go live in a cave if you say you reject GM food, the type of Bored Failure that sees the world in black and white, the type of dork who keeps a gun in his desk to defend himself against Strangers, Odd-Ones and Outsiders, until one day he decides to use it on himself when he finds it was all hatred of his own ghostly self.

As I wrote on this site in April... „ 'Someone had to do the job', plankton-brained Bush-clones say, but the cost of lives and destruction (and the pent-up US hatred that this has created) exceeds any justification for a change of regime. Now come the bloodiest moments as people begin to fight for the biggest slice and those that are hiding turn from soldier to suicide bomber. The war in Irak has just started. And the US is losing it.“

And it seems that what all those protesters have always been saying before 2001 has become prophetic. As I watched the menopausal ceremony in honour of the Pig Patriarch in Fuckinham Palace yesterday and wondered if any of those useless people had ever achieved anything in life, I realised SO many more frustrated folks around the world are still joining the lists of Al Qaeda en masse after vomiting at such a tacky televisual demonstration of cynicism and masturbatory ennui.

And the Kill goes on.
And a thousand civilians in Irak shot daily continue to die in silence - unreported.
And the clock keeps being pushed back 50 years to a world of the 1950s that suits Dubya and his ugly Condoleeza Rice Pudding brigade to a T.

But they *know* they are making the world more dangerous. Because behind their symbolic language and caricaturesque faces of regret, they revel in what’s happening. And like their alter-ego’s, the ones they call terrorists, it’s THEIR ideal environment, their Electoral Paradise.

My biggest regret is not to be able to BE in London right now with my staff and horseshoe, as a late ambassador of Nomadic Pastoralism and my love goes out to all who have been there. After all, as it is written at the very end of The Battle For The Trees, ULTIMATELY „we are the ones who know how to have fun“. And that’s exactly why they and their supporters hate us.


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