Julian Cope—
Rite At Ya

Head Heritage / 2017ce
  1. Rite At Ya
  2. Village of the Unshod Priesthood
  3. Boskawen-Un
  4. Ringed Hills of Ver
Now here's a fifth edition of RITE just snuck under the radar unsolicited. Methinks 'tis because his Archdrudeness just cain’t stop a-bopping however hard he try. So what we have here is more of the same RITE bile, more of the head cleaning agricultural funk o'yesteryear, those unsignposted drool-a-thons? They’re back, and herein even peaty, rich with the springs of high moorland skies laden with clouds – 4 new broadcasts never released before, 65 minutes of monotonous meditations dating from 1993 to the present day. It’s the rebirth of the Muse, it’s Now and Forever!