Julian Cope—
Drunken Songs

Head Heritage / 2017ce
  1. Drink Me Under The Table
  2. Liver Big As Hartlepool
  3. As The Beer Flows Over Me
  4. Clonakilty As Charged
  5. Don't Drink & Drive (You Might Spill Some)
  6. On The Road To Tralee

Welcome to 2017 and the Age of Donald Trump. And welcome to Julian Cope’s long-anticipated album of drinking songs, aptly entitled DRUNKEN SONGS. Released on the Head Heritage label, the record contains six winter warmers to enliven the dark sunless days, six tales of belligerent alcoholerated drunkenness as it plays out in tableaux across these British Isles. ‘As The Beer Flows Over Me’ was the catalyst for this entire project. Written by Cope for his own funeral, the song celebrates our own northern latitudes, and beseeches listeners to diss the southern lands of the grape in favour of beer, beer and lager beer. ‘Liver Big As Hartlepool’ celebrates Cope’s adopted city of Liverpool through the metaphysical lens. The 19-minutes-long epic ‘On The Road to Tralee’ concludes the album with 20 drunken miles of bad memories, quaint observations and rustic incidentals. Expect Cope’s usual massed ranks of Mellotron 400, alongside all manner of humorous and poignant commentaries – a perfect respite for these Trumped-up troubled times.